3rd International Santa Barbara Conference on Writing Research

Writing Research Across Borders


February 22-24, 2008

University of California, Santa Barbara



The 2011 International Conference on Writing Research:
Writing Research Across Borders II

February 17-20, 2011

George Mason University | Washington D.C./Northern Virginia

Call for Papers
Proposal Deadline May 3, 2010

• We aim to deepen cross-disciplinary dialogues across the many different domains of writing research and to provide a dynamic forum for sharing the many perspectives that contribute to the knowledge of all those interested in writing.

• This conference continues the successful work of the international, interdisciplinary Santa Barbara Conferences on Writing Research in 2002, 2005, and 2008.

• As in past years, this conference will focus on writing development across the lifespan, including the early acquisition of writing, writing across grade levels (K-20), in the disciplines, as well as in the workplace and other community and institutional settings.

• Contact the organizing committee at writing@education.ucsb.edu.

Conference Co-chairs
Charles Bazerman
Paul Rogers

Conference Steering Committee
Christopher Dean
Karen Lunsford
Suzie Null
Amanda Stansell


2008 Conference Program: PDF | DOC | HTML

Abstracts of all presentations (click on a session letter to open a PDF):

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Writing Research Across Borders Conference Overview:

Recent decades have seen the growth of writing studies in many nations, focused on all levels of education, and all uses of writing in society, using the resources of many different disciplines. This increased research attention to writing reflects an increased recognition of the importance of writing in modern societies. Yet to a large extent the many emerging traditions of writing research have neither connected fully nor shared their work.

This conference brings together the many writing researchers from around the world, drawing on all disciplines, and focused on all aspects of writing at all levels of development and in all segments of society. This will be an opportunity to learn from different research traditions, share our findings, seek common agendas, and lay the groundwork for future communication and alliances.



Conference Organizers

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